Made in Hassfurt, Germany

Quality comfort shoes from FinnComfort® are made in Haßfurt, a small, idyllic place in Lower Franconia, near Bamberg. Despite massive market pressure from low-wage countries, we have stuck to our home location for the past 75 years.

The first reason: Here we have full control to ensure that the high quality standards that we place on the care in our production are reliably implemented. Here we can guarantee that only high-quality natural materials are processed, mostly traditionally by hand. And here we can implement modern sustainability in production.

The second reason for our loyalty to our location is just as important: We are clearly committed to our responsibility as an employer in the region. We maintain and create jobs in Germany, we are committed to our region, and we will continue to produce in Germany in the future. This is the only way we can guarantee that we actually produce shoes that we also feel comfortable with.  

In our modern factory in Haßfurt we manufacture a wide range of shoe collections ourselves, and here we also develop them ourselves. We combine medical knowledge with traditional craftsmanship. Experienced orthopedic shoemakers are already involved in the design of our lasts and support the expansion of the range.

The finest comfort shoes on earth - this promise accompanies us every day

This promise is an obligation to our entire team. Both here at the company headquarters in Haßfurt and with all the employees in the field and the knowledgeable advisors in the shoe stores in Germany and around the world.

It is an obligation to offer you a shoe that not only looks good, but is also first-class in its qualities, functional and super-comfortable. Your feet are relieved and their mobility is retained.

Finncomfort on the move around the world