Der Umwelt zuliebe

Effiziente Produkte für nachhaltigen Konsum

For FinnComfort, active environmental protection is part of corporate responsibility. A careful use of resources, the reduction of transports and the use of state-of-the-art technologies to increase energy efficiency are a matter of course. FinnComfort is a strong label and sets ambitious goals in terms of quality awareness and environmental protection.

In our corporate principles, we have committed ourselves to further expanding our role in the area of sustainability. As a German manufacturer, we want to responsibly promote new solutions for sustainable progress and diligently develop our business, avoid long transport routes and secure local jobs. This includes all our activities – along the entire value creation process. We intend to do more with fewer resources.

In the face of ever-increasing needs and limited natural resources, it is important to constantly and permanently improve. Important focal points are the close involvement of our employees and the intensive cooperation with our partners. Strong quality awareness and high requirements are always in focus.

Not only in the production of footbeds and shoes FinnComfort consciously pays attention to the use of natural materials. The breathable and skin-friendly leather upper is guaranteed to be free from harmful preservatives (PCP) and AZO dyes as well as allergy-inducing nickel compounds. FinnComfort uses only high-quality upper leather ecology and quality-conscious predominantly German or European tanner.

Renewable raw materials such as cork, jute and natural latex are the main components of the bedding, which provide vegetable-tanned leathers for excellent breathability and an optimal foot climate. The processing of chemical additives is – as far as possible – waived. Shafts and soles are mainly associated with water-soluble adhesives. All soles are CFC-free foamed.

If the soles of your FinnComfort shoes have expired, we offer you a special customer service – a new one. If you would like to avail yourself of this no longer everyday service, please contact your orthopedic or shoe retailer.

However, environmental protection and sustainability also mean recycling, reuse, waste prevention and the ecological use of energy. So z. Quality, fit, sustainability and social responsibility are the basis for FinnComfort – for the well-being of your feet and our environment. Benefit in mind. Sustainability to the goal.


Solvent-free sole bonding at FinnComfort!

FinnComfort’s goal is to develop and market products and systems that always offer a special benefit. This also includes the constant improvement of product safety, environmental and health protection as well as occupational safety. Therefore, statutory and regulatory requirements apply to production, labeling and placing on the market as a minimum standard.

Thanks to the efficient use of energy and raw materials, FinnComfort creates the conditions for environmentally friendly production and processes water-based dispersion adhesives exclusively for the bonding of soles, which do not present any health hazards, are harmful to the environment, or are flammable and explosive.
The prevention, reduction or recycling of waste takes precedence over proper landfilling or incineration. The careful use of scarce resources is constantly evolving. The design of production processes and products takes place in this sense.