189 million people worldwide live with diabetes. When the disease is diagnosed too late or poorly controlled, it may lead to the possibility of developing diabetic foot syndrome.

Vascular and eurological abnormalities caused by diabetes frequently damage the foot. Neuropathy, decreased blood circulation through arteries of the lower extremities, wounds that do not heal, even mputation of the foot is not uncommon in a diabetic. Well fitted and high quality extra depth therapeutic walking shoes can help counteract this syndrome before foot ulcers occur or an amputation becomes imminent.

If you suffer from repeated foot sores or have wounds increasingly difficult to heal, then FinnOrtho by FinnComfort® is the perfect shoe for you. With all the features and advantages of FinnComfort’s® popular Prevention Series for sensitive feet, our new FinnOrtho collection includes the benefitof the specifically designed FinnComfort® rocker sole which reduces pressure on the foot and stimulates circulation.

The natural rolling motion is maintained even in combination with the optional rigid midsole which supports the foot by absorbing static and dynamic stress, preventing harmful isolated pressure points and stabilizing the gait of partial amputees.
In addition, a NEW ultra soft footbed with an antiseptic liningand stable support system is available upon request and sold separately. Thus protected and minimally stressed, wounds can heal and dangerous infections can be avoided.