"cobbler stick to your performance"

This old German saying is a clear invitation to stick to what you have mastered and not to focus on things you don't understand anything about. A wise rule of life that has a second important dimension for us.

Because the last, as a simplified representation of the foot, is responsible for ensuring that a shoe fits perfectly. That is why we at FinnComfort® literally stick to the last and pay special attention to it when manufacturing our shoes.

Our different last shapes guarantee a perfect fit and comfort for every foot. They all have one thing in common: the natural shape, developed according to anatomical criteria. For example, it is important to take into account the fact that the foot absorbs the weight of a person in different areas while walking and changes its shape in the various phases of the rolling movement.

Therefore, the top priority is to give toes and feet space during the entire rolling process. The heel must also find a firm hold so that it does not slip out of the heel of the shoe. In the middle of the foot, the shoe should fit snugly without exerting pressure. The effect: the foot is supported and cannot slide forward.

The anatomically designed super comfortable bed leads to a natural roll-off line over:

FinnComfort ® shoes respect these requirements and offer the highest level of comfort by including many important attributes:  

The light PU sole with a concave recess in the heel area achieves excellent shock absorption. When the shoe is on, the FinnComfort ® footbed allows for the foot to breath as it is made of breathable cork / latex.

A specially worked out, supportive heel section and a non-slipping bedding provide clear support in the ankle and heel area.

Under "Products" you will find the exact information on the last shape, sole processing and heel drop for each model.

The wearing comfort is in the detail

Traditional craftsmanship combined with know-how and high-tech at the highest level give our shoes their unique quality standard and guarantee high wearing comfort.

Comfortable to wear

thanks to the padded shaft end


through roll-off heel

Healthy and comfortable running

thanks to the super comfortable and reflex zone bed

Shock absorption

thanks to the concave recess in the heel and gentle on the joints thanks to the shock-absorbing, feather-light PU sole


through lining with the finest leather


through integrated air channels

Freedom of movement

for the toes thanks to the natural fit and elastic toe cap

Particularly flexible

by hand stitching

Classic Sylt, Korfu, Linz, Tirol
  Pattaya, Kos, Sansibar, Jamaika, Pisa, Kailua, Sumatra, Milos, Saloniki, Gomera, Usedom, Malaga, Belem, Roseau, Stanford, Java, Assuan, Aussee, Arlberg, Andermatt, Laval, Lexington
  Nadi, Palau, Suva
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  Aquila, Nairobi, Narita, Mostar, Drena
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  Pordenone, Sarnia, Sidonia, Seoul, Acapulco, Vivero, Cerritos
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  Zwolle, Alkmaar, Lüttich, Ostende
FinnPlus Royan, Reims
FinnSlim Fumane, Lazise, Manerba
  Caserta, Ariano, Harumi
FinnRelax Barletta, Biscaya, Leon
  Elpaso, Mestre
Finnamic Naxos, Columbia, Ikebukuro
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  96519, 96522
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  Cortina, Grenoble
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  Hannover, Whistler, Saragossa, Aibling
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  97304, 97308, 97311, 97307
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  Corinth, Pretoria
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