A well-groomed appearance

Those who love their shoes care for them. If you take care of your FinnComfort ® shoes they can better contribute to a well-groomed appearance and also last longer. Shoes made of leather require regular care, because the precious natural material needs protection from dirt, moisture, drying out, or, in winter, from road salt. To best care for your footwear, it is best to clean them regularly.

There is an extensive range of suitable utensils and care products available from specialist retailers to help maintain the beauty of your shoes.

Revive your shoes by giving them a break
Sustainable care of footwear is not just about cleaning. It is also advisable to change shoes more often and allow the shoes to dry from perspiration. To complete the rejuvenation of your shoes, use a shoe tree which will help prevent deformities or expansion cracks and help them keep their proper shape.

The use of a shoe tree will also help prevent any bacterial and fungal cultures that can form in a humid climate.

Shoe trees are available from your specialist retailer in different materials, but shoe trees made of cedar or beech wood are particularly effective and moisture-absorbing.

Shoes on, Shoes off... Carefully!

Shoes can also be damaged if they are not put on or taken off carefully.
When putting shoes on it is best to use a shoehorn rather than stomping on the back of the heel! There are even long shoehorns available that prevent you from having to reach down. Also, when taking shoes off it is best to unlace them or pull them off carefully by the heel.

No wonder that these exertions put a strain on the footwear. It would be better for everyone involved to deal with them carefully and without haste. A virtue that everyone should practice from childhood if possible. This starts with the lace-up shoe by loosening the laces and grasping the back cap of the shoe so that the foot can slide out of the opening.

When getting into the shoe, the good old shoehorn still does the best job. It prevents the upper of the shoe from becoming creased and from sagging on the heel cap.

By the way: If you don't like or can't bend down, you should choose a puller with a long shaft. They are available in pragmatically cheap plastic versions through to extremely noble versions made of horn. Maybe an original Christmas present?

The nice thing is: the sensitivity for the value and sustainability of good footwear is growing. In the meantime, shoe care is increasingly freeing itself from its cinderella existence and is passionately pursued - especially by men - with a lot of connoisseurship and high-quality equipment.