On good terms with ourselves

Humans differ from animals in their upright gait. This cultural and historical achievement is caught and cushioned by our feet - which Leonardo da Vinci already admired as true “technical masterpieces”. With 26 bones, they accommodate almost a quarter of the bones of the human skeleton as well as 13 joints, 33 ligaments and more than a hundred muscles.

The catch is that our feet are designed by nature for a barefoot nomadic life and not for modern, mostly urban living environments, where they are penned in cages made of stockings and often unhealthy, oppressive footwear. As a result, while we walk enough kilometers to circumnavigate the world at least once in our lives, not only can we hurt our feet but also our knees, hips and back. This is because of misaligned feet, bad posture, or an incorrect walking gait.

So, what can be done to maintain and improve foot health?  Well, the first step is to become aware of how valuable and irreplaceable these powerful and time sensitive companions are! The second step is to realize that the health of our feet will not necessarily continue if we do not invest in them. We must invest in exercise, if possible barefoot, with small foot exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life. If we do this the foot muscles and tendons are quickly strengthened.

One great option is so-called spiral dynamics, a modern physiotherapy, with which you can learn how to walk and stand correctly without spending a lot of time. It is also worth investing in regular hygiene and loving care. Your feet will thank you! And - last but not least - we recommend investing in good, comfortable footwear. It should support the feet in their natural movement, give them space, but also the necessary support. This applies equally to healthy feet as well as to feet that are already showing problems.

The right shoe for every foot

Every foot is different. And every foot deserves comfortable, perfectly fitting footwear. We at FinnComfort® have been committed to foot health for almost 75 years. The comprehensive repertoire of healthy footwear that we offer our large customer groups all over the world to choose from, our experts are constantly developing according to the latest scientific findings. It is tailored to the different demands, needs and lifestyles of adults of all ages to enable them to walk, stand and run comfortably and relaxed. For the benefit of mobility and foot health - for a lifetime.