Thats, how its made

Even our forefathers knew how to protect their feet with sewn leather rags. The simple treads of the Stone Age man "Ötzi" with soles made of bear leather and a lining made of hay provided adequate temperature control and protection in the harsh Alpine climate.

Even 5,000 years later, leather is still the preferred material for our footwear. All FinnComfort ® collections are made from high-quality, selected materials. The art of shoemaking has of course refined over time. Our designers use the most modern digital technology when designing FinnComfort ® footwear. The spectrum of our styles range from classic, timeless models and elegant office shoes to sporty-inspired models and trendy sneakers with a graffiti look. Despite all the variety of styles, one principle is non-negotiable: producing anatomically healthy footwear.


We still sew ourselves. Shoes with this symbol are hand-sewn. Almost 75 years of experience in shoe production and extensive knowledge - this ensures FinnComfort® shoes a unique quality standard.

The realization of the designs is still mostly done by hand - in over 100 work steps. The reason why we stick to this traditional, very time-consuming manual work: Quality. The classic hand seam lasts significantly longer than a machine.

Made in Germany

FinnComfort ® represents high standards of quality. Striving to maintain those high standards requires that we develop and manufacture all our own shoes in our own factory, which also means making them in Germany. In this way we have a seamless overview of the entire production process and can maintain high standards of fit, functionality and finish in every single pair of shoes. It is also important to us that our raw materials and the entire production process meets high environmental quality standards.

If you wear a properly fitted, well-cushioned quality shoe, you are providing yourself a good basis for physical well-being. We hope that walking in our shoes provides you with pleasant long-term comfort and health.

We are happy to receive suggestions and any experiences you wish to share in order to further optimize our development. This is how we continually strive to meet your high expectations of our comfortable shoes..>>